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Many of the top businesses and media companies in the world have trusted Mar+x Myles as their company of choice for the design and printing of their press and media kits.

Attract attention with exceptional press kits and media kits from Mar+x Myles. We can design and print all the materials to include in your press and media kits: high quality folders, letters, sell sheets, and more. We understand that your package and presentation sets the tone for your company’s mission, and we will do all we can do to make your media and press kits shine above the rest.

Media kits and press kits are a way for businesses and organizations to distribute information to journalists, potential advertisers, investors or clients. They package an array of company information in order to impress the reader and encourage them to “take the next step,” e.g., advertise in their publication, invest in their product, resell their merchandise, etc. Whether you are a publisher who requires a media kit to invite advertisers or a manufacturer creating a press kit to announce a new product, Mar+x Myles will design and print all of your components beautifully.

Depending on your business, media kits and press kits may include:
  • Pocket folder to hold information
  • Introductory letter
  • Bios on upper management
  • Copies of press releases
  • Sell sheets
  • Copies of company publications such as an annual report or company newsletter
  • Rate cards
  • Product images
  • Fact and/or spec sheets

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